Poul Anderson



Earned a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota in 1948. Used his knowledge of Scandinavia and science extensively in his career. Has contributed a huge body of highly literate SF and Fantasy to the field. Father-in-law of writer Greg Bear.



Short Fiction:



  • 1961. The Longest Voyage Hugo, Short Fiction
  • 1964. No Truce with Kings Hugo, Short Fiction
  • 1969. The Sharing of Flesh Hugo, Best Novelette
  • 1971. The Queen of Air and Darkness Nebula, Novelette
  • 1972. The Queen of Air and Darkness Hugo, Best Novella
  • 1972. The Queen of Air and Darkness Locus Poll, Best Short Fiction
  • 1972. Goat Song Nebula, Novelette
  • 1973. Goat Song Hugo, Best Novelette
  • 1974. Hrolf Kraki's Saga British Fantasy, August Derleth Fantasy Award (Best Novel)
  • 1975. A Midsummer Tempest Mythopoeic, Mythopoeic Fantasy Award
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