Bruce Sterling


  • Legal Name: Sterling, Michael Bruce
  • Place of Birth: Brownsville, Texas, USA
  • Date of Birth: April 14, 1954
  • Pseudonym:


The detailed publication history of most of the titles here was derived from the fanzine Nova Express, compiled from Sterling's library and graciously supplied by Lawrence Person.


  • 1989. Islands in the Net John W. Campbell Memorial, John W. Campbell Memorial Award
  • 1990. Dori Bangs SF Chronicle, Short Story
  • 1997. Holy Fire SF Chronicle, Novel
  • 1997. Bicycle Repairman SF Chronicle, Novelette
  • 1997. Bicycle Repairman Hugo, Best Novelette
  • 1999. Taklamakan Hugo, Best Novelette
  • 1999. Taklamakan Locus Poll, Best Novelette
  • 1999. Maneki Neko Locus Poll, Best Short Story
  • 2000. Distraction Arthur C. Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke Award
  • 2003. Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years Locus Poll, Best Non-Fiction
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