Cory Doctorow


  • Legal Name: Doctorow, Cory
  • Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
  • Date of Birth: July 17, 1971


Sold my first story in 1988, when I was 17, to the good folks at On Spec. I'm workin' my ass off ever since, but the fiction has gotten harder and harder to place. I'd like to think that that's 'cause my stuff is too edgy and weird for publication at the mo', but of course, it's possible that it's just not good enough. Awww. But things are lookin' up: I've just sold an article to Wired Magazine, and I've been writing regularly for SF Age (nonfic), and Scott Edelman, Age's magnificent editor, has just shot me some assignments for Sci-Fi Entertainment. Graduate, Clarion Workshop, 1992. Alternative Media Columnist for Science Fiction Age.


  • 2000. John W. Campbell, John W. Campbell Award
  • 2004. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Locus Poll, Best First Novel
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