Rankings & Statistics

Eventually, all book statistics in this section may be sorted by type, years, awards, age, etc. based on various algorithms. Statistics will include the following:

  • Top Rated Authors of All-time
  • Top Rated Authors by Year
  • Most Viewed Authors of All-time
  • Most Viewed Authors by Year
  • Top Rated Books of All-time
  • Top Rated Books by Year
  • Most Reviewed Books of All-time
  • Most Reviewed Books by Year
  • Most Viewed Books of All-time
  • Most Viewed Books by Year
  • Age Graphs
  • Awards Graphs
  • Oldest Living Authors
  • Oldest Dead Authors
  • Youngest Living Authors
  • Youngest Dead Authors
  • Statistics
    • Total number of Authors
    • Total number of Books
    • Total number of Awards
    • Total number of Reviews

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