Soulworm, a 67,000-word young adult fantasy, is the story of Liothel, a young, self-doubting Acolyte of the Warders. The Warders are specially gifted women who, a universe parallel to ours, combat the soulworms, creatures that infect people's minds and spur them to hatred and violence, on which the soulworms feed. Soulworm is also the story of Maribeth Gayle, a 16-year-old in Wind River, Saskatchewan, who has been unconscious for two months following a car accident which killed the boyfriend of Maribeth's best friend, Christine. When a soulworm infiltrates the Warders' fortress and flees through a hidden gate into this world, the Warders attempt to send the mind of one of their strongest Warders in pursuit. But the attempt goes awry, and Liothel's mind is sent instead -- into the "empty vessel" of Maribeth's body. The transfer brings Maribeth awake, unaware of Liothel hidden inside her. But the soulworm, which has possessed Christine, knows the truth, and will stop at nothing to kill Maribeth, thereby also removing Liothel, the only obstacle to its goal of spreading its offspring, and destruction, across the Earth.



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