Lady of the Glen



A Scottish historical novel retelling the documented story of the Massacre of Glencoe, in which the Campbells attempted to wipe out the MacDonalds. Similar in theme and scope to the films %%F,Braveheart (1995)%% and %%F,Rob Roy (1995)%%, Lady of the Glen relies on actual historical documents as well as the author's imagination. Except for the heroine and a few minor characters, all the individuals in this novel actually lived. The Massacre of Glencoe has gone down in British history as an insignificant footnote; in truth, it broke the back of the Jacobite Highlander rebellion and set the stage for the Battle of Culloden fifty-four years later, in which the Highland culture was forever destroyed.


Despite title similarity, Lady of the Glen is not connected to Roberson's Lady of the Forest, a novel about Robin Hood.



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