Fool's War



The Pasadena is a mail-packet ship, time-shared by two owners who alternate missions: the devout Muslim Al Shei, and her database hacker brother-in-law. While on a data-freight mission, Al Shei finds herself with a crew preoccupied by artificial intelligence: her comm chief Lipinksi has a deep fear and hatred for AI's as one of the few survivors of the rogue AI which devistated Kerensk; the new pilot Jemina Yerusha is a Freer who believes that rogue AIs form when a simple AI program captures a human soul; Master Fool Evelyn Dobbs is a Fools Guild member who has a secret agenda concerning rogue AIs; and Al Shei's brother-in-law, wanted by authorities concerning his last mission, may have accidentally left something dangerous in the data hold.


  • 1998. Fool's War Locus Poll, Best SF Novel (Nomination)



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