Treachery of the Demon King


  • Title: Treachery of the Demon King
  • Author: Stephen Goldin
  • Year: 2002
  • Type: Novel
  • Series: The Parsina Saga
  • Number in series: 4


Publisher's description: "As the empire of evil sweeps across the land, the fate of Parsina rests on Jafar al-Sharif, the storyteller impersonating a wizard, and the exiled Prince Ahmad from the holy city of Ravan. But peril continues to dog their footsteps on the way to Mount Denavan and the final piece of the Crystal of Oromasd. They must confront the dangers of a mysterious island, the City of Faces, and the dragon demon who guards the fourth piece of the crystal. And even these threats pale before the betrayal by a trusted member of their company, while within the heart of the dark enemy, Aeshma, king of the daevas, plots treachery against his own master to unleash an unimaginable tide of evil to engulf the world and destroy mankind. Treachery of the demon king is the long-awaited conclusion to Stephen Goldin's Parsina Saga, a sweeping epic across an Arabian Nights world of imagination and wonder."



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