• Title: Shadowkings
  • Author: Michael Cobley
  • Year: 2001
  • Type: Novel
  • Series: Shadowkings Trilogy
  • Number in series: 1


Set 16 years after the fall of the Khatrimantine Empire, a group of rebels (remnants of the former Imperial knights, a few mages and others) attempt to overthrow the invaders. The oppressors are clannish warriors from across the northern sea, led by the sorcerous Acolytes of Twilight whose purpose is to bring back the Lord of Twilight, in whose name the invasion was undertaken. Except that the spirit of this evil deity is divided among 5 of the many warlords who squabble amid the ruins of the former empire. Some seem eager to see the Lord of Twilight reemerge, others less so.



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