The Other Side of Eden


  • Title: The Other Side of Eden
  • Author: Julian Jay Savarin
  • Year: 2006
  • Type: Novel
  • Series: Muller and Pappenheim
  • Number in series: 8


Muller wants to avenge his parents, but he also wants to destroy the Semper, who have despatched professional killers to get him, and his entire team. Hedi Meyer, the electronic genius goth, is the latest to be hit. Muller's investigations again take him to Western Australia, to the isolated Woonnalla Station in the Kimberley outback, to find the Hargreaves, who possesses information dangerous enough to the precipitate the eventual downfall of the Semper. But the Semper have despatched one of their most accomplished and highly successful assassins to stop him.



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