Beyond Infinity, November/December 1967


  • Title: Beyond Infinity, November/December 1967
  • Editor: Doug Stapleton
  • Year: 1967
  • Publisher: I. D. Publications, Inc.
  • Price: $0.50
  • Pages: 160
  • Binding: digest
  • Type: Magazine
  • Notes: Volume 1, Number 1. All interior illustrations were apparently done by Lynn Goller. Author names are only given in the table of contents, not on the first page of each story. The title of the James McKimmey story "5-4-3-2-" is take from the table of content since the title on page 46 is stylized and can be read as either "5-4-3-2-" or just "5432". McHugh Ferris' story "The Dealy Image" is listed as "Deadly Image" in the table of contents. Michael Quentin Lanz' "The 13th Chair" is listed as "The Thirteenth Chair" in the table of contents. Dexter Carnes' story "Mommy, Mommy, You're a Robot!!" is listed as "Mommy, Mommy, You're a Robot" in the table of contents.

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