After Long Silence


  • Title: After Long Silence
  • Author: Sheri S. Tepper
  • Year: 1988
  • Catalog ID: #11833
  • Publisher: SFBC / Bantam
  • Price: $4.98
  • Pages: 310
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Type: Novel
  • Title Reference: After Long Silence
  • Notes: Book club edition that does not state a first printing, printing date, nor printing number. The original ISFDB record listed the date as 1988-00-00, the publisher as SFBC, and the price as $4.98. The publication does not state a printing date, lists the publisher as Bantam, and does not have a price. However, it is likely that this previous entered data was accurate and so it was left in this ISFDB record. Note that the copyright is 1987 and so some sites may have this publication listed as printed in 1987. The book club #, 11833, is stated in the lower/right corner of the back jacket.

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