Future Washington


  • Title: Future Washington
  • Editor: Ernest Lilley
  • Year: 2005
  • Type: Anthology
  • Title Reference: Future Washington
  • Notes: contents of the anthology: Introduction, Ernest Lilley (the editor) Mr. Zmith Goes to Washington -- Stephen Sawicki Ignition -- Jack McDevitt Indiana Wants Me -- Brenda W. Clough Primate in Forest -- Kim Stanley Robinson Hallowe'en Party -- Nancy Jane Moore Hothouse -- Thomas Harlan The Day of the RFIDs -- Edward M. Lerner Tigers in the Capitol -- Jane Linskold Agenda -- Travis Taylor A Well-Dressed Fear -- B. A. Chepaitis Civil Disobedience -- Joe Haldeman The Lone and Level Sands -- L. Neil Smith The Empire of the Willing -- Sean McMullen Hail to the Chief -- Allen M. Steele Human Readable -- Cory Doctorow Shopping at the Mall -- James Alan Gardner

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