New Worlds, February 1969


  • Title: New Worlds, February 1969
  • Editors: Michael Moorcock, James Sallis, Charles Platt
  • Year: 1969
  • Catalog ID: #187
  • Publisher: New Worlds Publishing
  • Price: 5/-
  • Pages: 68
  • Binding: Bedsheet
  • Type: Magazine
  • Notes: Saddle-stapled. Price quoted as "5/- or one dollar". Note that Nabokov's name is mis-spelled "Nabakov" in the review by Harrison; it is corrected here. The review of "Pulsating Stars" by Platt does not credit the editor, F.G. Smith; the name is taken from second-hand book listings. The review by Platt of "Penguin Science Survey" does not credit the editor and none has been identified yet; it is credited to "unknown". Cawthorn's review of "Analog 3" does not identify the editor, John W. Campbell, Jr.; nor does his review of "The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction, No. 13", identify the editor, Avram Davidson.

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