Roger MacBride Allen - Awards


  • 1986. The Torch of Honor Locus Poll, Best First Novel (Nomination)
  • 1986. Phreak Encounter Analog Analytical Laboratory, Best Short Story (Win)
  • 1988. Orphan of Creation Philip K. Dick, Philip K. Dick Award (Nomination)
  • 1988. A Hole in the Sun Locus Poll, Best Novelette (Nomination)
  • 1989. Orphan of Creation Locus Poll, Best SF Novel (Nomination)
  • 1989. Farside Cannon Prometheus, Prometheus (Best Libertarian SF Novel) (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1991. The Ring of Charon Locus Poll, Best SF Novel (Nomination)
  • 1992. The Modular Man Nebula, Novel (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 1995. The Shattered Sphere Nebula, Novel (Nomination below cutoff)
  • 2000. The Game of Worlds Golden Duck, Hal Clement Young Adult Award (Win)

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