Steven Spruill



My first novel, Keepers of the Gate, was published by Doubleday in 1976, while I was a graduate student in clinical psychology at the Catholic University. After completing my Ph.D., I turned to writing full time. In 1990 I began writing medical thrillers, and in 1995 combined this form of thriller with the vampire theme in a novel entitled Rulers of Darkness (St. Martin's Press). I call my blood-dependent characters hemophages -- the genetic "reality" behind the vampire myth. A sequel, Daughter of Darkness will be published by Doubleday in June of 1997, and I'm curren tly working on a third novel of the series, Lords of Light, also Doubleday. I married Nancy Lyon in 1969; we have no kids and two tortoiseshell cats - Leaps and Bounds. I write in a basement office that looks out, from one of the small, eye-level windows, over my back yard. When the grass gets too tall, I try not to look anymore. I'm thinking of having the lawn declared tundra, so I won't have to mow it any more.


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