Debbie Hughes


  • Legal Name: Hughes, Debbie E.
  • Place of Birth: Lexington, Kentucky
  • Date of Birth: 1958


You can almost count on your thumbs the number of women working steadily in the Science Fiction and Fantasy book and magazine cover field. Debbie Hughes is one of those few women. A graduate of Furman University in 1981 she got a solid background in Fine Art and Art History, you can see the eclectic influence in her work today. Debbie has an illustration career which has included work for Easton Press Books, Baen Books, Amazing Stories Magazine, Science Fiction Age, Realms of Fantasy and many others. In addition she has branched off into electronic media which includes digital painting, animation and 3-D rendering. Debbie created all the puppet characters for CyberFlix's and Paramount Pictures Interactive arcade game "JumpRaven," as well as did animation work for their game "Dust". Current projects include Collectible Game Card work for Wizards of the Coast's Netrunner, Black Dragon Press' "DragonStorm" and Middle Earth's "Dragons". Debbie also continues to paint with brushes her own ideas which are included in exhibits at S.F. conventions as well as mainstream galleries. Published Illustrations: The Alteration. Easton Press, 1993. Book written by Sir Kingsley Amis. Color Frontispiece. Limited Leatherbound Edition Purgatory. Easton Press, 1993. Book written by Mike Resnick. Color frontispiece. Limited Leatherbound Edition. Rite of Passage. Easton Press, 1991. Book written by Alexei Panshin. Color frontispiece. Limited Leatherbound Edition. Four for Tomorrow. Baen Books, 1990. Short story collection by Roger Zelazny. Wrap around colorcover. World Spirits. Baen Books, 1990. Book written by Aline Boucher Kaplan. Color cover. Paperback. A Roil of Stars. Baen Books, 1990. Book written by Don Wismer. Color cover. Paperback. "Solid State". Science Fiction Chronicle 1989. Color Cover. Published work on C.D. Rom: "Frankenstein", "Edgar Allan Poe" "Little Women", "Making the Modern and After The Fire", "The Scarlet Letter" - published by The Bookworm, distributed by Broderbund. "JumpRaven"," Viper" and "Dust" produced by CyberFlix and Paramount Interactive. Published work on Game cards: "NetRunner" Wizards of the Coast - expansion out now. 2nd Expansion due out in Jan. 1997. "Towers in Time" - the Greek Edition, Thunder Castle Games - August, 1996 "Fantasy Adventures" Mayfair Games, 1996 - out now. "Galactic Empires" - The Universe Edition, Companion Games - 1996 "Gridiron" Precedence Games - 1995 "DragonStorm" Gatekeeper Press - April, 1996 "Lord of the Rings" - Dragons-Iron Crown Enterprises - 1996Additional information:Science Fiction and Fantasy Illustrator for the past 12 years. Workexhibited in over 50 shows across the U.S. including mainstream galleryshows in Atlanta, GA, Tennessee, Washington D.C. and New York, NY. Artistguest of Honor at 12 Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions.


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