D. A. Ciocca, Jr.


  • Legal Name: Ciocca, Dominic Angelo, Jr.
  • Place of Birth: Phoenixville, Pennsylvania USA
  • Date of Birth: 1956
  • Pseudonyms:


In an attempt to imitate Artaud, the author disappeared for many years after leaving Rockford College, Ill. under a cloud. Enraged at the Attorney Generals crackdown in 1987 on pornography, wrote three envelope pushing novels - The Starcage Goddess, Axis Gomorrah, and Cult Voodoo in Rich Germanytown in the realm of speculative fiction, and many pseudo-scholarly articles on Astrology. He has been widely disseminated by pulp magazine editor/exploiters. Mr. Ciocca, Jr. is a freelance occult journalist.


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