Flight into Yesterday



The following is stated in the preface which Charles L. Harness wrote for Station GanymedeDonald Wollheim did me a big favor in providing a good title for my first novel. As submitted to Startling Stories I called it "Tonybee 22." Sam Merwin objected to that, he said nobody would understand it, and he published the story as "Flight into Yesterday." Several years later Donald brought it out as a paperback as The Paradox Men. Even more incomprehensible, but it turned out to be irresistible, and I've stayed with it for all subsequent editions. Also note that the following unattributed note was in the ISFDB record for this title - "Expansion of "Flight into Yesterday", first published in Startling Stories (May 1949)." Thus it's not known if the novel is just a republication (as Harness implies) or an expansion of the magazine story.



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