Disappearing Act



There were two stories called "Disappearing Act" published in 1953. One by Alfred Bester and the other by Richard Matheson. Unfortunately, this created considerable confusion and many sources report this as a single story written by both authors. At the moment there are three title records in ISFDB while we tease apart the two stories. Unfortunately, this involves researching the publications, one at a time, to figure out which Disappearing Act it should be linked to. Disappearing Act by Alfred Bester and Richard Matheson. (This record should not list any publications) Disappearing Act by Alfred Bester. Disappearing Act by Richard Matheson.Editors - Please note that if you are updating one of the publications to point it at the correct copy of Disappearing Act that you need to do this via the Publication [Add Title] (on the edit-publication screen) and Remove-Title functions rather than just changing the author names via Edit-Publication.



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