Lands Forsaken



Lands Forsaken follows Jade, a warrior with a dark past, who suddenly finds himself a pawn in a game of gods, immortals and the Devil. Born into a legacy he doesn't understand and manipulated by beings of both benevolent and malign intent, Jade begins his struggle shortly after a tragedy takes his wife from him. He wages a private war with those responsible, servants of the dread Tarmus, Lord of the Void, and Master of Lies. The culmination of this war is a cataclysm that leaves the world blanketed in an unending night and mired by creatures from the Void. Jade's odyssey takes him through his own forsaken land and into ancient and forgotten places. And his destiny lies at the Crossroads, where his world might be saved. He is assailed on all sides along the way by agents of strife and chaos, captured in a web of lies, and he must face his arch nemesis, the demon-spirit, Shael-Cree.



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