Wake of the Wraith



The Sea Wraith, the Black Ship that sails Asharia's seas, is as infamous as her crew. Captained by Mya Argwind, a chosen of the Sea Queen herself, the Sea Wraith serves the waves upon which she sails. After taking on noble cargo in the form of the rebel lord, Daren Helsgard, the job of transporting the young lord from North Paron to his home in Oria becomes more difficult than Mya imagined. Attack by pirates, confrontations with dreaded sea slith and other of the feral sea races is nothing compared to the waves caused when Lord Helsgard falls for a comely, shape-shifting sailor who is bound to the seas in ways Daren cannot yet understand. In between exotic ports, savage attacks upon the ship, tavern brawls, magical showdowns and a taboo romance, the captain of the Sea Wraith has taken to hunt the blue abyss for a creature the likes of which even the gods would avoid.



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