Other Days, Other Eyes


  • Title: Other Days, Other Eyes
  • Author: Bob Shaw
  • Year: 1972
  • Type: Novel


"Alban Garrod, scientist and amateur detective, creates a new type of glass which records and stores the events seen through it, only to reveal them months or years later."


Some sites list Other Days, Other Eyes as an expansion of the short story Light of Other Days and others report it as a fixup. Contendo lists the Ace edition as a collection containing: Light of Other Days • Bob Shaw • ss Analog Aug '66 Burden of Proof • Bob Shaw • ss Analog May '67 A Dome of Many-Colored Glass • Bob Shaw • ss Fantastic Apr '72 Other Days, Other Eyes • Bob Shaw • na Amazing May '72 (+1) (serialized in Amazing May and July 1972) However, there is no evidence in the Ace publication of this. Ideally someone with copies of the original short stories should read through and see if Other Days, Other Eyes is an expansion or fixup. Judging by the Pan 1974 edition, this is a Novel with 3 short stories in. "Light of Other Days" appears as "Sidelight One" on pages 25-34. (Also verified against "Alpha 6" publication.) "Burden of Proof" is "Sidelight Two" on pages 47-61. "A Dome of Many-Colored Glass" is "Sidelight Three" on pages 94-101. None of the "Sidelights" involve Alban Garrod, they just illustrate an interesting property of Slow Glass you may not yet have thought of - they are not part of the overall story of Alban Garrod. 158-10-15-8 leaves 125 pages of original story about Alban Garrod, so without having access to the serials this is looking more like a Collection including a full novel, albeit one broken up by the "Sidelights".


  • 1973. Other Days, Other Eyes Locus Poll, Best SF Novel (Nomination)



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