Lucifer's Dragon



Passion di Orchi is no more than the obscenely rich daughter of a West-Coast mafia boss, until she decides to rebuild Venice - in the middle of the Pacific. A century later, with newVenice ossified into puritanical elegance, the daughter of Count Ryuchi slips away from her father's palazzo, out to the Levels to play Lucifer's Dragon: a multi-level, self-perpetuating, true tri-D trawl through the Apocalypse. Coded so the game never repeats its own failures. But Karo soon runs up against a NVPD officer Angeli, drafted in by media-giant CySat to invesigate a murder Karo knows way too much about. And then there's Razz, the silver exotic. Too tired to keep living, until she takes on the job of guarding CySat's ultimate boss, the ten-year old doge Aurelio. And wakes up in Zurich. Dead...




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