They Shall Have Stars


  • Title: They Shall Have Stars
  • Author: James Blish
  • Year: 1956
  • Type: Novel
  • Series: Cities in Flight
  • Number in series: 1


There is some confusion about if They Shall Have Stars or Year 2018! should be the first/parent publication. The Avon 5th printing for example states “Copyright 1957,” “Originally published under the title Year 2018!”, and “First printing September 1957”. The confusion is that there is a Faber & Faber hardcover published in 1956. I believe the Avon statements are because Avon first published the story using the title Year 2018! and that for later printings they changed the title to They Shall Have Stars but it's still not clear why Avon lists the copyright as 1957 and not 1956.

Variant Titles:



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