Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Autumn 1988


  • Title: Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy, Autumn 1988
  • Editor: Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Year: 1988
  • Catalog ID: ISSN 0897-9286
  • Publisher: MZB Enterprises
  • Price: $3.95
  • Pages: 64
  • Binding: bedsheet
  • Type: Magazine
  • Notes: $3.95 This issue of MZB's Fantasy was in essence the first issue that had open, unhindered retail circulation. The premiere issue, as noted on page 1 in a comment by Managing Editor Jan Burke, was pulled out of circulation due to the need to give proper credit for an original artwork. Copies of the premiere issue were available upon written request while supplies lasted. On the plus side, MZB herself gave wonderful personal attention to contributors. Lastly, on interior art artists, the ensemble of artists for this issue includes Alicia Austin, Armond Cabrera, Real Musgrave, Silas Andrews, Hanna M. G. Shapero, Ken Woodmansee, Fiona Zimmer and George Barr--per page 1 masthead.

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