The Worlds of Science Fiction


  • Title: The Worlds of Science Fiction
  • Editor: Robert P. Mills
  • Year: 1965
  • Catalog ID: #54-819
  • Publisher: Paperback Library
  • Price: $0.75
  • Pages: 287
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Type: Anthology
  • Title Reference: The Worlds of Science Fiction
  • Notes: The first printing date is stated as July, 1965 but there is no number line or other printing # indication. It's assumed this is the 1st printing as several AbeBook's sellers reported the 1967 and 1970 printings as the 2nd and 3rd respectively. The front cover and spine are coded Paperback Library 54-819. The cover artist is not credited nor is a signature visible. Each of the stories has a one page forward where the author talks about the story and/or his relationship with Robert P. Mills, the editor of this anthology.

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