Venture Science Fiction Magazine, September 1957


  • Title: Venture Science Fiction Magazine, September 1957
  • Editor: Robert P. Mills
  • Year: 1957
  • Publisher: Fantasy House, Inc.
  • Price: $0.35
  • Pages: 132
  • Binding: Digest
  • Type: Magazine
  • Notes: Vol 1, No 5. Illustrations are credited to Giunta and Schoenherr, but not for individual stories. The illustrations for "The Nevada Virus" and "The Winds of Siros" are signed "John Giunta". The illustration for "For the Duration" is unsigned but all other art is identified so it must be by Schoenherr per the credits. The illustration for "Snafu on the New Taos" is signed "Giunta". The illustrations for "On Hand . . . Offhand: Books" are identical to those from the July 1957 issue, which are assigned to John Giunta; though one differs in this issue in that it is not signed. Emsh is not credited for the interior art for "Venturings", but is mentioned in the text as the artist. The book review column is listed in the table of contents as "On Hand . . . Offhand: Books", but listed at the review itself as "On Hand: A Book", with a separate "Offhand" section.

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