Timothy Perrin


  • Legal Name: Perrin, Timothy Alton
  • Place of Birth: Covina, CA, USA; British Columbia, Canada
  • Date of Birth: 1949
  • Pseudonym:


Tim Perrin grew up in Riverside, California, moving to the San Francisco Bay area when he was 20 and going to school at San Jose State University. In 1974, at age 24, he moved to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, to go to graduate school. A year later, he dropped out of grad school to write which he's been doing pretty well since. Along the way he has picked up degrees in law (Univ. of Victoria, 1984) and an MFA in writing (Goddard, 1997). He has worked as a disc jockey, radio/tv newsman, lawyer and anything else he could to avoid his fate but keeps being drawn back to the written word. He lives with his wife in Westbank, British Columbia, Canada.


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