Frank O. Dodge


  • Legal Name: Dodge, Frank Oliver
  • Place of Birth: Texarkana, Texas
  • Date of Birth: 1922


Born 5 January 1922. Joined Navy 12 January 1942. Served in the Armed Guard as gunner on merchant vessels until June, 1944. Transferred to Amphibious Forces, made five combat landings in the Philippines. Discharged November, 1946. Reenlisted July, 1951, served in Korea. Retired May, 1966 after serving during Viet Nam, doing my duty in the Mediterranean, half way around the world from the shooting. Nine days later went to work for Tulane University in New Orleans as Campus Police. Retired in 1985, and haven't hit a lick since. Started writing short stories in 1991, got the first published in June of 1992 at age seventy. Since then have had had over two hundred (counting first printings, reprints, audio tape, and Fax) stories published or distributed in the US, UK, five European countries, Russia, Latvia, Canada, Australia, and Iceland. Along the line, collected seven children, eight grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren. If I haven't bored you enough already, you can e-mail me.


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