Ed Emshwiller


  • Legal Name: Emshwiller, Edmund Alexander
  • Place of Birth: Lansing, Michigan, USA
  • Date of Birth: February 16, 1925
  • Date of Death: 1990
  • Pseudonyms:


Born in Lansing Michigan, he graduated from the University of Michigan in 1947. He moved to Paris after graduation, where he studied at Ecole de Beaux Arts with his new wife Carol Fries, who later wrote SF as Carol Emshwiller. After receiving a Ford Foundation grant in 1964 for film work, he left the his art career and devoted himself fulltime to film work. He joined the faculty of the School of Film and Video at the California Institute of Arts, where he eventually become dean of the film school.

Cover Art:


  • 1953. Hugo, Best Cover Artist
  • 1960. Hugo, Best Professional Artist
  • 1961. Hugo, Best Professional Artist
  • 1962. Hugo, Best Professional Artist
  • 1964. Hugo, Best Professional Artist
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