Angloman, in reality Eaton M. McGill, insurance underwriter for SunLife Assurance, is your typical everyday superhero. Bigger than life, a champion of bilingualism and tolerance, and dumb as a post. Angloman's secret weapons include his indestructible Stop/Arret shield, his deadly apostrophe darts, and his supersonic Angloplane. His secret base of operations is the Fortress of Two Solitudes, hidden deep below the SunLife building.


Angloman is a political parody comic in book format, published by a mainstream literary press. It is a speculative work which uses cliches and tropes of superhero comic books to mock Quebec and Canadian politics, primarily by casting well-known politicians as superheroic characters to mock their pretensions and belief systems. Angloman consists of five loosely connected short comics stories --written by Shainblum and illustrated by Morrissette-- as well as a foreword by well-known Canadian political cartoonist "Aislin" (Terry Mosher), and four pages of text and art biographies of the various characters. Angloman was a minor hit upon its release in late 1995, immediately after the last Quebec independence referendum, and spent 22 weeks on the Montreal Gazette bestseller list. A sequel, Angloman 2, is in the works and is scheduled for release in November/December 1996.



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