Venture Science Fiction Magazine, November 1957


  • Title: Venture Science Fiction Magazine, November 1957
  • Editor: Robert P. Mills
  • Year: 1957
  • Publisher: Fantasy House, Inc.
  • Price: $0.35
  • Pages: 132
  • Binding: Digest
  • Type: Magazine
  • Notes: Vol 1, No 6. Interior art is credited to "Giunta and Schoenherr", but no credit is given for individual stories. The illustrations for "To Open the Sky" and "On Hand . . . Offhand: Books and the illustration for "No Earthman I" are signed "John Giunta" or "JG". The illustrations for "All the Colors of the Rainbow" are unsigned but must be by Schoenherr per the credits. The book review column is listed in the table of contents as "On Hand . . . Offhand: Books", but listed at the review itself as "On Hand: A Book", with a separate "Offhand" section.

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