Anthony Boucher



Prior to the early 1940's, Boucher was a noted detective writer, and was a well-known anthologist of that genre, particularly with Great American Detective Stories; Four-and-Twenty Bloodhounds (1950), and The Pocket Books of True Crime Stories (1943). In the SF field he was a book reviewer for The San Francisco Chronicle (1946-1947), the Chicago Sun-Times (1949-1950), the New York Herald Tribune (as H. H. Holmes, 1951-1968), the New York Times, and Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. With J. Francis McComas, Boucher was founding editor of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. When McComas left in 1954, Boucher became sole editor until he retired due to ill health in 1958. While writing mostly under the Boucher pseudonym, he also used the names Mudgett and Holmes; Mudgett was the first convicted serial killer in the USA (1896), and was known to use the alias Holmes.

Short Fiction:



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