A. M. Dellamonica


  • Legal Name: Dellamonica, Alyxandra Margaret
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Date of Birth: 1968


Born at the tail end of the 1960's, Alyx had the kind of action-packed childhood that most people dream of, featuring actual plane crashes and the occasional really long car trip. After catching her first fish at the age of six, she realized she was ready to fend for herself in the wild, though in the end it took her eleven years to pack her books and depart.Not much later, Alyx learned that people would pay her for acting even though she was actually terrible at it. Lack of talent as a live performer did not deterher in the slightest, and she spent two seasons with a repertory theatre company and a third in drag as an Civil War-era whiskey trader at Fort Whoop-Up. There she fulfilled her lifelong dream of learning to play Camptown Races on the harmonica.In 1989 she shed her trader's masculine garb, put on a dress, and headed off toThe Rocky Horror Picture Show. After an unfortunate spill into the men's room and some collateral damage during the obligatory RHPS water fight, she found herself taking marriage vows. This worked out beautifully for both Alyx and the lesbian she married, and the arrangement persists to this day.A.M. Dellamonica's fiction began to appear in print in 1986, and despite repeated washings, remains in circulation in a variety of print and on-line locales. Most recently you can find two of her stories--"Nevada" and "The Girl Who Ate Garbage" in the archives at www.scifi.com.


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